what’s up?

So, It’s been a week since last posted something here(?)

I’m back here in the Philippines because of early resume of classes:( SAD to say that it’s gonna be the reality! I need to face and finish all the things in this semester specially SAD, thesis and Embedded System! My early come back made me realize that I wasn’t productive during the Christmas break. and Sad to say that I’m bombarded with school works and org works:( I’m such a mess right now. Haven’t finished typing the program for our General Assembly and my mind is not yet set for class discussion. I’m forcing myself to learn as of this moment and the moment before this=))) (fuck, what did I just say?:)) Oh well, I need to focus! STAY FOCUS!

Before this semester resume, I watched the Biggest movie in Bollywood, 3 Idiots. And that movie made me realize that my passion isn’t in being an IT consultant. I want to be -still deciding- I don’t know really. Lesson learned from that movie was to make my PASSION my Profession! It’s so hard to think of what’s my passion but as I evaluate myself, I think for the past 3 years of my college I’m over exposed to ART and LITERATURE. Yes, I admit. I wasn’t this obsessed with literature when I was in grade school years but as time passes and as I grow, I can see that I’m falling even more in ARTS. I shouldn’t be in Engineering! I shouldn’t be in Information Technology. I belong to ARTS and LETTERS. What do you guys think? I don’t really have passion in working on programming languages, CPUs, Registers and the like. I love writing. I love listening. I love arguing. I love to DANCE! I love music. I’m so RANDOM, I know. But how will I figure out what I want to be in the future. 😦 That movie, MADE ME THINK a lot about how will I end up in the next few years. And as my most valued professor told me, that if ever I want to repeat my life, I would never regret being myself again and end up dying and repeat it again (Nietzsche’s whatever.) I WILL BE A LAWYER!



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