Albany, New York and its million dollar staircase


From Toronto to Albany, 630 km driven, 2 coffee cups, 1 bag of chips, 4:30 am wake up call and a nice New York State Capitol.


The winter didn’t stop us from driving, since we have our trusted winter tires installed in the car. And yes, we used a sedan instead of a compact car or SUV. We were kind of worried if ever we stalled somewhere in the interstate but, we got insurance anyway.


We parked at Sate street just near the Capitol since it’s  free parking on Tuesday in between the hours we arrived! It was really a lucky day to begin our roadventures!


In front of the NY State capitol is the old building of State Assembly. The freezing weather is manageable since this is south of Canada.

We didn’t have any itinerary to begin with. Everything we did is just all about impulse with the help of TripAdvisor, stock knowledge of history  and slight experience of the area. All we wanted to do is take a picture of great architecture, find anything interesting and just go out and see different places. If we have the entire month to drive, we will definitely stay longer than a day in this city.

I wish the Assembly Chamber staircase in the 3rd picture is much more detailed than it is. The feeling of the light coming from the ceiling gives more emphasis on the carvings of the staircase. According to the brochure, NY State Capitol staircases are the most prominent feature of the building and we couldn’t agree more on that –


And of course, the infamous Million Dollar staircase! It’s really called The Great Westerb staircase, they said there were a lot of restoration done to rebuild and reinforce the staircase and they’ve done a really good job in maintaining it for the future generation of New Yorkers!



HA! Focus on the staircase handrail and you would really see that there are detailed carvings, some are actually faces (ex. Lincoln)




Senate chambers where I feel like I belong (say hello to my destiny. lol) There’s an actual tour that we didn’t avail since we are heavy readers of brochures and we want to take our time certain section. I would love to visit and devour the interior architecture of the Capitol! Pictures can’t capture the ambiance and feeling when you’re in it.

War Room Ceiling

Beside the Capitol, they have this performing arts venue called the Egg. Maybe it’s the shape of an egg, but for me it looks like a UFO

The Egg

We never explored the area around the Capitol but it looks like there are more things Albany has to offer. I’ll definitely come and visit again for a full day if ever our plan to Vermont persist!



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