stealing snaps on a thousand food choices

stealing snaps on a thousand food choices

Recently, I had an argument of how I’m being part of generation Y. As a person who doesn’t want to be pointed out as part of any social label/classification, I feel so ANNOYED. I think our society is creating its own brackets of generations where they draw conclusions and/or generalize each group. I cringe every time someone’s being a nitpicker around me because isn’t it the people who raised the so called generation Y a.k.a Millenials are the one’s who are preceding it? And aren’t they the reason why the generation is also called as the generations of POOR?? Why can’t we just emphasize one’s moral value as a singular thing and not part of a group or societal structure?

Anyway, I was labeled as being Millenial because of how I want to blog everything I feel like interesting and that’s posting how I follow and cook the recipes in my recently purchased cookbook. It’s funny that it’s part of the “classification”. UGHHHH. I have no words to express how I feel about it.

Let’s dive in to the important part, we, a “Millenial” and a “Gen X” stumbled upon a bargain book sale in Chapters Indigo bookstore located at Woodbridge (Weston Road and Highway 7). That’s our number one Chapters Indigo location whenever we have time for the weekend. So, as a bookaholic, I grabbed a cart and didn’t think about how many books are piling up at home. We found this Saveur cookbook with a thousand recipes that will make our kitchen life challenging.

I believe a decade ago when I first watched Julie & Julia, I wanted to make the same initiative as Julie. Aggressive and ambitious, eh? But right now, it’s kind of becoming more realistic since the Gen X person I’m doing it with belong to a family who ran a restaurant. But before going forward with this initiative, here’s a snap of a dish outside of this cookbook.

I always push us to eat a healthier choice of food even if having fresh produce in this great white north is pricey. I think having healthy food is much cheaper than supplements/heart attach/disease etc.. Right?

So, here’s our version of Chicken Fajitas!

Dempsey’s tortilla wrap


2 chicken breast cut in strips

Old cheddar cheese

Mozarella cheese

Bell Pepper

Soy Sauce

The following spices:


Chili powder

Garlic powder

Salt and Pepper

  1. Marinate the chicken overnight with the soysauce, thyme, chili powder, garlic power, salt, and pepper. You can add as much spices or flavour as you want.
  2. Cook the marinated chicken over heat, add the bell pepper and onion then set aside
  3. if you have block of cheese, grate them or if you have the pre-grated cheese that’ll do. But we always buy block of cheese, to have the authentic cheese flavour –thank you costco for cheaper cheese selection
  4. You could toast/bake the tortilla wrap or just place it over heated pan and assemble the cheese and cooked chicken
  5. VIOLA! eat them up!

This is just to kick start with the recipes we’ll be following! I’m already excited! I always question myself on how can I juggle all the things I want to do in my life. Till next food post..

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