All you need is a Tutu-man’s Chicken on a rainy day

All you need is a Tutu-man’s Chicken on a rainy day


I just learned that Tutu means grandpa or grandma in Hawaiian language! Though when I first read the title of the recipe, I first thought of it as what I usually wear during my grade school ballet days.  I was thinking of something Egyptian but then again, that’s Tutankhamun, the Pharoah. What am I thinking, right? Anyway, this is our first attempt in following a recipe in the cookbook we bought. There are some slight improvisation on some part, i.e the bourbon, we used black label instead! [That’s not weird at all] So, here’s a snap of the finished product

People may wonder why the other side is burnt and the other side isn’t. Well, two people will eat this and they have their preferences [wink]

Lesson learned: if you’re going to brush a raw chicken with the sauce, make sure you set aside some of the sauce so you’re not double dipping the brush you used for your raw chicken. You would want to apply some sauce afterwards!


Funny thing is, before cooking this recipe, we came home to a disaster. 🙂 Our dog who just recently chewed my statistics book {I guess she likes math as well}, some of my treasured Starwars merchandise {THIS BROKE MY HEART, I REALLY CRIED ON THE INSIDE}, headphones all at once, just destroyed a pair of decent sunglasses!! So we wished that our bitterness towards the week of destroyed stuff will not reflect our attempt to make a satisfying dinner.


But I guess it ended up well, we paired the Tutuman’s Terriyaki Chicken with some broccoli and brown rice. The outcome of the chicken is surprisingly superb! I didn’t expect that the skin will be crispy and amazingly flavourful. We also thought of, marinating it more than 24 hrs so that it get’s more flavour within.

We definitely NAILED it! ❤

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