Port Hope

I really didn’t have the chance to enjoy the beginning of summer, so I’m trying to make the most out of it this July to September. Since I couldn’t fly back to Southern state this year, I decided to drive around the Province. Time is never wasted in exploring places anyway. I visited a few already but so far, this one is the apple of my eye. Port Hope, a beautiful town rich in Canadian history is located at southeast Ontario.



They have theatre, cafe, ice cream shops, museum, dining etc. Downtown Port Hope is dolled up for visitors to enjoy their stay. They have this river that goes all the way to Lake Ontario. As usual, summer weekends are always fun in any town in Ontario (or should I say warm Canadian area?). Port Hope is setting up concerts, farmer market, festivals, etc. In the fort night they will have a fishing event. Since the town is surrounded by river, I wouldn’t be surprised that fishing is included in the lifestyle of the community.

_DSF2015They got a fire fighter museum! Sadly, it wasn’t open during that time. Well, I couldn’t really go in since I’m with my dog.





YES! I’m with my doggie!!



See that happy face? She’s enjoying all our weekends this August. I decided to limit our time in small towns instead of trails and Provincial park cause it’s still doesn’t listen to “come” command. But I was able to visit a local bookstore for a short time.

The Furby House Books! The bookstore is really pretty and I made sure the person who’s maintaining it knows how pretty it is. This is actually the moment I decided that I will make a new tradition. In every place I’ll visit, I’ll make sure to stop by an indie bookshop and pick a book that will somehow remind me of the place.



And with that said, guess what I picked?


Uhuh, I got “F**k it, do what you love“. A town with a nearby beach is always something that I like. Growing up in a country with 7107 islands, with beautiful beaches, makes me look for something close to it. It may not be fine white sand or big crashing waves, but the fact that it’s a living water makes me feel relaxed.

SO, anyway. Furby is beautiful, I just got lost in finding some books. Not really sure at first how it was arranged.


I only took pictures of downtown and river area, I wasn’t able to take picture of the beach.


Overall, my score for Port Hope small town is 9/10.



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