Ancestor hunting – All you need to do is spit in a test tube

It was funny to think how I ended up purchasing a DNA test kit but long story short, I wanted to discover more of myself and my roots. Few years back, I remember mapping out my grandfather’s roots and I was able to discover some of my distant relatives from different parts of the world. Now, I decided to dig deeper! I researched and compared different DNA test kits available in the market. Although 23andme looks promising, I settled for Ancestry since their ~5 Million DNA records have more chances of matching up compared to some competitors who has ~ 2Million or so. My choice would not be same if I want to test combination of gene but since my aim is family tree, Ancestry will definitely give me great results.

[Looks like my Data Science-y is kicking right now]

Amazon prime always saves the day with one day shipping! Imagine I got my kit within 12 hrs! Here’s what’s inside the kit:

  1. Brochure EN/FR
  2. Plastic seal for test tube
  3. Test tube kit
  4. Prepaid Return Box

All I needed to do is activate my box through Ancestry website, spit on the tube, and mail it back to Ancestry lab. I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting for the results but I’m excited!

For now, I’ll sit back, wait, and prepare for my first day of school this 2018 Winter/Spring sem!

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