Port Burwell

We were excited for summer, so we already planned some camping weekend in different locations. We really wanted to go to long point but we figured why not try Port Burwell since it’s nearby.

There’s also a dog beach in this area. One thing I don’t really like in this camp was it’s too far from the beach. And along side the beach, there are dead animals that seems to be there for days based on the smell.

My dog enjoyed the beach and he ended up having ticks after. I panicked when she was rolling in the sand and I could smell the dead raccoon in her. I had to wash her 3 times cause the smell was so strong on her fur. Even though she likes it, I don’t think I’ll come back with her in this beach.

So overall, we liked how we spent our weekend but we won’t be coming back again. It was worth trying.

One response to “Port Burwell”

  1. Long point camping is much better. Especially if you can get a sight near the beach. The other place you have to go to if you like camping in Provincial Parks is Sandbanks. Try to get a spot on the beach, but I’m not sure if the dog area is on the beach. By the way, beautiful dog!!

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