Germany ’18

Time flies fast when you’re enjoying and doing a lot of activities, but I would be lying if I tell you everything is purely amazing. I pulled my hair a lot of times trying to create an itinerary to see as much without having to be tired every single day of the trip.  I had a “framework” from all my past travels which became really handy for this holiday vacation. I will be sharing some tips on how to create your itinerary for multi-country travel.  The best part of it is, you can focus on your top priority/priorities, may it be time, budget, getting to see a lot, or just having the best route possible.

Vienna, Austria

My planning made it really easy to navigate from countries to countries but honestly, traveling in a month caused us to worry on a lot of things we could not foresee- such as weather. There’s just so much to account for. Anyway, all those things didn’t really stop us, we enjoyed every moment of the trip.

Started our trip at Reykjavik, Iceland but it was raining so we didn’t see much plus, it’s just a brief layover. I would count Munich, Germany as the first city we were able to explore in a decent amount of time. Just like the majority of tourist who lands in Munich, our first stop was the Marienplatz.

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