Here’s why you need to support Black Lives Matter if you’re Filipino

We should stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We have to support them. We should relate our own
history to whatever is happening right now. It is similar to what our ancestors and families went through! We should not let systemic racism happen to them. I need to remind everyone WHY we have to fight for them and why we should not allow what happened to us happen to them.

Let’s have a look back on Spanish brutality

Five hundred years ago, Spanish colonialism and White Supremacy clothed the entire Maharlika Islands, now known as The
Philippine Islands. The Spanish took our (native’s; can remove this) lands, raped our women, took our homes, imposed tax, and
all atrocious things you could think of. The Filipinos became their slaves. Anyone who resists – DIES including their entire family.
It went on for 400 YEARS until the entire country was what Spain wanted it to become. They tried to erase our roots, but scholars realized the inequality of the system – mostly classified by the colour of their skin. When the ruling Spaniards saw that educating Filipinos was a threat, they killed the people who challenged the system! And the families? GONE. When the revolution started because more and more realized about the systemic racism, more and more Filipino died. They
died fighting for FREEDOM. In what I read from various sources, Spain lost the war with the US and had to transfer their rights over the Philippines for $20 Million. (refer to:

Americans: Filipino Genocide

God knows how much the United States of America f*cked up the entire country. It was not better. It was the same battle our
families and ancestors had to fight. They called our people niggers, monkeys, dogs, and many other derogatory terms you could
ever think of. They even published it in the US newspapers (refer to Boston Globe newspaper: Their goal was to wipe away
the remaining ‘Filipino’ in the country. And how else they would do it? Genocide. It wasn’t talked about in Filipino history (At
least from what I remember.) The world did not hear it because Filipinos were the ‘minority’. Only passionate historians and
researchers brought it to attention. They even had concentration camps. Filipinos fought – they starved, crops and villages were
burned, and a lot of them died. Thousands of American soldiers died, but around 3 million Filipinos in estimate died. (another
read: We even had to
fight for them in World War II.

No Spanish and American History class would teach their students the real story in all angles and points of view. They will not take responsibility for the millions of lives they ruined generation after generation. White Supremacy is real!! And worse, they have embedded it to EVERY FILIPINO for years and years. The colour of your skin, the amount of melanin on your body, is the measure of class, opportunity, and worse, if you got to keep your life. Four-hundred fifty years
after the Spanish colonization, the Holocaust took place. Here we are, 500 years later, and what do we have? Still fighting rights based on
the colour of our skin or the ethnicity we came from. We’re moving backwards! 

Our history class will only tell us the summary here and there, but it’s up to us to know more. With all the revolution Filipino people started and lives of many Filipino heroes lost, we ended up crippled. Sadly, Filipinos did not win the Spanish and American wars. The Americans made it appear that they ‘freed’ the Philippines, but do you remember
parity rights? The right for AMERICANS to extract natural resources from the Philippines as if they were natural-born Filipinos. It
also includes the Naval Base in Subic Bay. We still live with racist beliefs which Spanish and American conquerors instilled in us. The ones in power are mostly from Spanish or American descent and
now, anyone who has the lightest skin colour. 

So here’s a question: would you let these things happen to all Black Lives? Imagine having to fight for your rights because you’re
not white enough. Because you have more melanin than
society accepts. The black community needs us. The Filipinos are very good at making things heard, at making things trend!
I’ve ignited the fire to get back to these White Supremacist who believe that they can fuck with people’s lives for generations!
Do so in a manner that not thousands or millions of allied lives will be damaged or lost. You still need each other to MAKE THIS

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