Chasing heights and creating purpose


About Me


My list of something:

  1. Happiness is something I can create
  2. I believe that being fair is a necessity
  3. Being seen is one of the best feeling
  4. I couldn’t live a month without reading a book
  5. I love graphic design but it’s not my career
  6. I maintain a bullet journal
  7. I love organizing things and making them a pleasure to look at
  8. I create awesome parties and events
  9. I can be a friend
  10. I am woman of colour leader

One thought on “Chasing heights and creating purpose

  1. joanne says:

    HI KC. It’s me…..Joanne. Just discovered your on line presence! WOW! You are out there doing and thinking so many interesting things! I like the books you are reading. Have you heard of K.C. Archers School for Psychics? It’s an easy read….not as good as some of the other books you’ve been reading, but I think you would enjoy it. I have much to learn from you. See you tonight in french class. Joanne Timney

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