Chasing heights and creating purpose


About Me

Hi, I’m KC ADVIENTO. I want you to tell a story which you couldn’t see through my resume or CV. So, if you think I’m bland or awesome or meh. READ

I am fond of learning new things especially foreign languages. I am always improving myself through education and so far, I have no plans on stopping. I’m currently a graduate student working on a full time job. I also learn different language in the side. I travel A LOT. I actually started traveling alone at the age of 13. YES! That’s right. I have a license to travel alone to meet my parents wherever they are in the world. Every year I make sure I go to a new place/city/country. I LOVE learning new culture and meeting new people because that’s the only way I could be closer to the ‘actual’ world. Finding what matters to people give me an idea of how I could make things better. Even just in small things. In terms of professional work, I have almost 10 years of experience in technology industry and I have been trying to immerse myself to the different areas of the tech industry which made me a little different than the traditional tech person.

Omgeo – Thomson Reuters floor

I started my gig at Thomson Reuters in Manila, Philippines as an IT support but my manager asked me to do an inventory of all IT assets, and instead of the traditional excel sheets, I started building a Java program all by myself. That’s too much of a show off, eh? but no kidding! Mind you, I also tested it. I was just an intern but I’ve always wanted to be ‘someone that makes something useful’. It was cool to be able to do something like it especially when people believe in you. 🙂 I made it, it worked because they believed. I haven’t graduated back then but I was sure as hell I already want to be part of the corporate world. After my internship I needed to go back to Toronto so I wouldn’t lose my residency.

With a thought that I’m not finished in the Philippines, life has pulled me in the Tech grounds of Metro Manila. The city is just so lively and full of opportunities for someone like me. I got hired by Accenture Philippines when I was in Toronto, so I thought I’d take that as a sign that my life in the city is not over yet. I built a network within the Accenture community and they are the ones who could really make corporate life a little less stressful. Accenture has given me so much corporate knowledge which I think is important when trying to build a career in it.

With 8 months clock in, I was given a recognition in the company: Gantimpala - Agila Award for doing something. Honestly, couldn’t remember what that was but I knew that it made me feel capable to do good things even if I’m fresh grad and just started at the company with more than 10,000 employee in the country. After a year and a half of experience in ACN and the Quality Assurance team, I knew I wanted to chase a different thing. The world at the time was rapidly changing and we were in the middle of a tech revolution. I packed my bags and ready to bid adieu to the company, my team, and the country. It was bitter sweet but necessary.

Toronto. A little bit of road block. Well, nothing goes as planned. I was appalled by rejection from one company to another. They are not accepting my non-Canadian experience as something that would matter. They always ask for Canadian experience. Talent pools and agency didn’t help me either. They asked me to come in for an interview but it’s just to build my profile. Anyway, I wasn’t mad but I was a bit sad. I see it as a challenge. I worked on this small distributing company (FMCG) doing admin work but I was also able to change their system. After a month, I know I needed to quit because I cannot support a company who doesn’t care about their customers. I handed in my resignation and they asked me to train people who would replace me. I agreed. Within a week or so, an opportunity came, an interview with KPMG and Advantage Group, a medium sized market research company. KPMG was great but they could only offer a temporary position. The work was probably similar with what I did in Accenture. Then few days after, I had my interview and test with Advantage Group, I knew then that it’s a challenge I needed to accept. Apart from having a new job, I also enrolled in UofT SCS just because it felt like I needed to go back to school and update myself on new technologies.

It was a start of a new journey. I wanted to automate as much work as I can. I was fast but not because I skipped steps, but because I wanted the machine to do its job for me. With the knowledge I gain from market research ratings, I got interested in Analytics and reporting. I spent hours brushing my stats and I enrolled in Ryerson for a short course. I spent 3 years in Advantage Group, doing data processing, developing analytical reports, training people, and finding ways to make things easier, faster, and more manageable. I have built my reputation and it feels so good to be able to know something so well. After years of working with different PMs, IT, and Research/Insights team, I recognized the value of data in our world. I became passionate about data quality and ways on how we can use data to make it more meaningful.

I realized how much fun it is to be in school so, I decided to apply for master’s degree in UofT and other Toronto universities. They ALL rejected me and asked me to go to their bachelor’s program instead. You might be surprised? Well because my degree came from the Philippines, and even though Canada recognize it as a degree, its educational institutions see it differently. It opened my eyes to the Canadian reality. I was devastated but I did not stop. I got accepted in bachelor’s program but I felt like I’m wasting my time. It was total BS especially when I see that I applied my education in every aspect of my work and make it better for people who btw have Canadian degrees. I started comparing biases and inequalities. I knew it was unfair and I needed to do something. Years after, I let go of the bachelor’s path and applied in US universities. I found Harvard DCE and Harvard DCE found me. My target graduation is 2022. 🙂

An opportunity came up to me in 2017. I had a test and series of interview with Klick Health for a Data Steward position. It feels like it’s a match made! My interest lies in what their open position is looking for. Even if I had a good trajectory in Advantage Group and I built long lasting relationship with the people in it, I couldn’t let this pass. I took the job. First month in the job, I got paralysis analysis. I didn’t know that there are high demands for the position. I was able to work on a big project but good thing it was with the best people you could ever imagine. My team was full of bright minds! Klick is where I discovered that possibilities can be turn into real opportunities. I have worked on so many projects even if I’m just with the company for 3 years. It is my candy land!

Apart from my actual job description. I found my one true love in Klick. I found my true passion. I had an opportunity to lead Klicksters of Colour, an Employee Resource Group under the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion network. It was the best thing that happened to my career!

My list of something:

  1. Happiness is something I can create
  2. I believe that being fair is a necessity
  3. Being seen is one of the best feeling
  4. I couldn’t live a month without reading a book
  5. I love graphic design but it’s not my career
  6. I maintain a bullet journal
  7. I love organizations!
  8. I create awesome parties and events
  9. I can be a friend
  10. I am woman of colour leader

One thought on “Chasing heights and creating purpose

  1. joanne says:

    HI KC. It’s me…..Joanne. Just discovered your on line presence! WOW! You are out there doing and thinking so many interesting things! I like the books you are reading. Have you heard of K.C. Archers School for Psychics? It’s an easy read….not as good as some of the other books you’ve been reading, but I think you would enjoy it. I have much to learn from you. See you tonight in french class. Joanne Timney

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